Kavinsky - 1986 

Imagine you’re a twenty-something millionaire in 1986, just minding your own business, high on cocaine and driving your Ferrari Testarossa just a tad too fast in the California desert. (Like say, oh 90 miles an hour or so.) And you crash. But your body disappears from the wreckage.

Got all that? Good, now hang on for the weird.

Now imagine your disappeared body wakes up as a self-aware zombie a little more than thirty years later (2007). You immediately set out to learn how to make electronic dance music, right?

That is exactly the storyline behind French DJ Vincent Belorgey’s pseudonym, Kavinsky.

Kavinksy’s electronic music sounds like a cross between Daft Punk and the Real Genius soundtrack. To put it another way, take some Jan Hammer (of Miami Vice theme fame), blend it with the Spy Hunter video game theme music, but produce it with the modern electronic techniques of today. Voila, instant retro electronica that rocks.

Kavinksy’s work has been used in the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack and on the movie Drive. I also recommend his “Teddy Boy" and "Nightcall" EPs. The latter is more popular, but I think starts to lose some of the best 1980s movie soundtrack feel.