Smokin’ long black Cadillac, the engine’s windin down / He’d park it up on the sidewalk like he owned the whole damn town / I saw him talkin’ to some chick through a thick ghost of smoke / Through a thicker haze of Southern Comfort and Coke

Todd Snider, “Play A Train Song”

(although I like the REK version better)

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Jeanne Jolly - “Long Way Home”

Here’s another great song by Jeanne Jolly, highlighting her Country chops as well as her Classical voice training. “Long Way Home” is a love song to my adopted home state, North Carolina.

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Jeanne Jolly - Angels on Hayworth Street

Jeanne Jolly is a Raleigh native with a great Shawn Colvin meets Mary Chapin Carpenter sound. This song, the first on her album, highlights that to great effect.

I caught a bit of one her sets at the North Carolina State Fair a couple weeks ago and was fairly impressed. (Another important take-away from that set — her name is pronounced “Jean.”)

Her album “Angels” is available for streaming and for sale on her site, and she’s made a few songs available for download via Soundcloud. (Jeanne — good work, but I’d have someone work on your website. It’s nowhere near as polished as your album or your in-person performance.)