Thirty Different versions of “Wagon Wheel” 

Around ten years ago, I sat down and transcribed the words and guitar chords for Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Wagon Wheel,” and I posted them on HickoryWind.org. (It was a younger time. I don’t post full lyrics anymore to protect folks IP.)

Until I revamped the site last year, it was pretty consistently one of the most hit pages — if not the MOST hit page — on our site.

Now, ten years later, you can listen to THIRTY different versions of the song on Rdio. Crazy times, man. Crazy. Times.

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Nicolette Good - “Pretty Clementine”

A second song by Nicolette Good, but this time instead of a sleepy dreamer song, a kick-ass and almost angry rocker. Nicolette has proven to me that between these two songs, she’s going to be a songwriter to follow. Anyone who can mix in “My Darling Clementine” into a song like this is going places. Hell. Yes.

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Bow Thayer - “Wingless Angels”

Bow Thayer isn’t here to take any of your shit. He’s here to growl and pick a thick-fingered acoustic guitar whose notes will knock your ass to the ground. This song rocks.

Thayer’s “Hindsight" album is a retrospective of his work since 1995. This song, "Wingless Angels," originated on his excellent 2006 "Spend It All" and features Levon Helm on drums.

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Nicolette Good - “Hurricane Caroline”

With Hurricane Sandy in the forecast today, I can’t help but share this slow-starting but “perfect storm” of a folk / Americana tune written and sang by Nicolette Good. Think Nanci Griffith with a bit more Shawn Colvin vocals but with some Dar Williams highlights. Oh, and some banjo just at the right time.

Hang in there my peeps about to get pummeled by Sandy.